We recommend that everyone belonging to the Aurora develop a character. This way, you can explore the universe in stories or missions, and letting your imagination go where no one has gone before. There is no restriction on what you can be - Trek species, energy being, or some unknown alien race.

In her years, The Old AV has hosted cross over from such worlds as Pern, Dune, and Orc. Our current crew includes a Darkoveran Special Advisor and Klingon Chief Engineer.  Let your imagination go, this is your character. Don't worry about developing the character, this comes with time.  All start with a basic background and flesh them out in missions and stories.

Primary members chose a position from the ship’s departments - Command, Maneuvering Operations, Engineering, Security, Communications, Ship's Services, Medical Services, Scientific Services and if stationed on aboard, Marine Strike Group. More information is contained in our handbook and reference guide.