History of The Old AV

The Old AV began her long line of adventures with her (ED:8304) construction at the Morena ship yards.  Commander Stavack a Vulcan / Romulan, took command of Starbase Seventeen, Seventeenth Fleet, and the Aurora Vulcanus to investigate the uncharted Region 17 (8307.04). When he made Admiral of the Southwest Sector, Stavack hand picked the new Commanding Officer the youngest in the Fleet, Captain Jamie Star (8707). During Star’s six years, she oversaw the upgrades that fashioned her as a Hybrid Avenger Class.

In 9309.01, Executive Officer Taylor Lee became the new Commanding Officer. Upon her promotion to Captain, the Texan received transfer orders for the ship to Region Three.  A larger and wilder territory, Lee and the crew welcomed the new challenges.  Lovingly known to the crew as The Old AV, she continues her missions when called upon.

When the ship is stationed for dry dock at Vraijal, Lee is reassigned to Fleet Intelligence and a new CO comes aboard.  Lee will continue with the ship using it as a staging unit.  The Old AV is reassigned to Starbase Four on 1304.20. 

The ship is an experimental Avenger class hybrid ship, exploring the period around Trek VI. (Though the group has been known to jump ahead). Which means she possesses some differences from her sister ships of the Classic Movie Trek era. After all how did those wonderful improvements that made Next Generation technology possible? Scientists developed special experiments, conducting them on long term trials out in the field. As a research vessel, the Old AV studies and refines these improvements. She has all the features, that Picard and Company took for granted. Of course this is evolving science, so interesting problems do occur.

As for the name, the founding group took the name of Aurora, from Aurora Colorado a town close to where the chapter started. It did not sound right, so thumbing through an old astronomy textbook , they found that Vulcan was a term of undiscovered planet outside of the solar system. They latinizated it with an ‘us’. And the rest is as they say is history.