List of AV publications

Aurora’s Glory - Our main way of communicating with our members is our quarterly newsletter, Aurora's Glory. The first few pages are information sections for the chapter, region, and fleet. The rest of the pages are used for members' creativity - stories, articles, art work, and interactive fiction (missions).  The AG also highlights Trek and other Science Fiction information. Even if you are not a writer, you can enjoy the adventures we have to offer.   Click here for a sample newsletter

Aurora Vulcanus Handbook - The basic guidelines of the chapter. Items such as departmental structure, promotion system, newsletter rules, and basic character development.

Aurora Vulcanus Personnel Roster - It is our way of keep track who is what character and how to get in contact with the membership. Note the list of the characters’ quarters are usually given out  with this publication. 

Chronicles of the Aurora Vulcanus - This is our history publication that houses our character sheets and creative AV time line. A year by year listing of mission activity as well as how the Old AV events fit into the Trek myth.

Aurora Vulcanus Reference Guide - Our manual about the features a writer needs to know about the ship.  The characteristics that make her experimental Avenger class. It also includes tips on character development, different forms of story writing, and possible plot ideas. This is a listing of the ship’s specifications with weapons, shuttles and  facilities such as offices, recreation, and crew quarters.

Zine - Every few years we publish a zine. Normally longer stories then what runs in the AG.

Ask about the availability each of these publications.  Many of these are offered in pdf format on our yahoo website.