Old AV Information Update from 04.10.2013

 We mail coupons to the US Naval base in Yokosuka, Japan as part of the Overseas Coupon Project.  Year To Date Coupon Total:  $2,939.24

 AG #1 published on 03-07- 2013.  For a sample of our newsletter, see publication section. 

New mission Encounters At Vraijal, started with the ship currently under repairs.  While the ship is in dry dock, the characters can start to reflect the real life changes.  Thank you Robin.For a sample of a mission check our interactive section.  

Command changes-  After almost twenty years, Michelle Fanelli is retiring as CO.  The chapter will have a new command team.  Robin Woodell-Vitasek would be our CO and XO  Lee Vitasek .  Theresa Bristow will become the chapter’s Operations Officer.  Chapter will be moving to Region Four by the end of April.

As for Michelle, it has been a blast and thank you to the crew of The Old AV you are truly the best.  I will still be around and know the group is in great hands. 

And may the good news be yours!!!!

Basil wuz here!!!!